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50th Wedding Anniversary - 1931

   Many of the family assembled for this 50th Wedding anniversary photo in November 1931. Hawk and Josie Houston are seated behind the three little ones with a little girl standing beside Josie and a young boy is behind the little girl. At the left of the line standing behind them is Alberta "Bertie" Brown the oldest daughter of John Hawk Houston and the oldest grandchild of Hawk and Josie. Next is a woman about Bertie's age then a woman about Josie's age and the my mother, Eva Louise Maxwell, who was eleven years old. On the right may be Houston Duncan.
   The next row begins with Jim Brown, Bertie's husband, on the left. The back two rows are a little mixed, but I see four men in the back row. In the next to the back row bwside Jim Brown is a man about Jim's age, a woman about Bertie's age, another woman about that age, a woman almost hidden by the old woman in the first standing row, then a young man of about 20 could be J. H. (15), a blond woman about his age, a brunette who may be Pauline, then my Grandmother Eugenia Frances Maxwell who was the youngest child of Hawk and Josie, and finally Grandpa Maxwell.
   First in the back row seems to be John Hawk, oldest child of Hawk and Josie, then a man with lighter hair (could it be Walter Duncan), a dark-haired man whose face is almost hidden (perhaps Mack Houston, 23), and finally a round-faced man with lighter hair.
   John Hawk had two little children with his second wife, a boy, Billy Joe, who was four and a daughter, Mary Jo, who was one. J. B. Brown was also four, Conley Duncan was 10, Mack's wife, Edna, was 21 and daughter, Helen, was two. Mary Jo Cheek was 13. Eva Houston Cheek was 36 and Grace Houston Duncan was 34.

1921 - Hawk and Josie had nine grandchildren by the end of 1921. John Hawk's five children were the oldest. Bertie was 17, Edna was 16, Mack was 13, Pauline was ten, and J. H. was five. Eva's daughter, Mary Jo, was three. Grace's son, Houston, was two, and Gene's daughter, Louise, was one. Finally, Conley was born November 26, 1921 to Grace and Walter Duncan.

1926 - John Hawk remarried sometime around 1926. He married Bertha Mae Massingill, who was a cousin of his first wife. Bertha was 35 and John Hawk was 46. Bertha's parents were Marion and Mahala Willimas Massingill.

1927 - J. B. Brown, son of Bertie and Jim Brown was the first great grandchild of Hawk and Josie. J. B. was born April 16, 1927. Later in the year another grandchild, number ten, was born. Grace and Walter had Patty Grace on October 17, 1927. And finally grandchild number eleven was born December 31, 1927. This was Billy Joe Houston, the first child of John Hawk and Bertha. John Hawk's first grandchild was eight months older than his sixth child.

1929 - Mack Houston and Helen had Helen Louise on July 25, 1929.

Hawk and Josie in Newspaper Hawk and Josie on front steps
Newspaper Article for Woodmen of the World Another pose for the newspaper article.

Hawk Houston seems to have been involved with many community things. I'm not sure why the Woodmen of the World would publicize thirty-seven years of membership though. The 39 written on the copy may indicate that he actually had been a member for thirty-nine years. the Woodmen of the World was founded in 1890 as a fraternal organization that provide life insurance for it's members. They also promoted social events through the "camps" that the members belonged to. Hawk must have joined the Woodmen in the first year or two to have been a member for 37 or 39 years by 1929 or 1930. That may be why it was important enough to publicize it. He was also active in the Presbyterian church.

1930 Census -

John Hawk and Bertha had Mary Jo Houston on November 5, 1930. Her cousin, Mary Jo Cheek, was twelve years old. Mack Houston and Helen had another daughter, Virginia Dale. She was another of John Hawk's grandchildren.

Mrs. J. H. Houston,
Of Atkins, Is Dead

Mrs. J. H. Houston, well known Atkins citizen, died Sunday, June 4, at Lanty while she and her husband were visiting their daughter, Mrs Luther Maxwell.

Mr. and Mrs. Houston made their home in Atkins but both had been in poor health for several months. Hoping that a change would be of benefit to their healths, they had gone for a visit with their daughter. Mrs. Houston was stricken with a paralytic stroke a few days ago and death resulted Sunday.

Mrs. Josephine Conley Houston was born in the Hector community, Pope County, Arkansas, October 23, 1861, a daughter of Rev. Jno. A. and Emaline Draper Conley. She was married to J. H. Houston Sr., November 16, 1881 at Old Hickory, Conway county, Arkansas. Six children were born to their union, two boys and four girls. Four children are living; J. H. Houston Jr. of Hattieville, Ark., Mrs. Hugh Cheek of Hector, Ark., ...

... terian Church assisted by Rev. J. S. Patterson, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Morrilton conducted funeral services Sunday afternoon at the Lanty church. A choir from Atkins Presbyterian church had charge of the song service. Internment was made in the Lanty cemetery. (1933)

Hawk and Josie on their 50th wedding anniversary1931 - Hawk and Josie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversayr on November 11, 1932. The photo at the top of the page shows the family members assembled for a group photograph and this photo shows Hawk and Josie alone.

1933 - Josie was 70 when she died at the home of her daughter, Eugenia Maxwell, as the obituary says. Josie and Hawk had been living with their daughters, moving from one to the other, so that they could be cared for.

John Hawk and Bertha had Franklin Delano Houston on October 25, 1933. Josie had not lived to see her final grandchild.

1936 - After Josie died, Hawk continued to move from family to family and in the photo below left he is shown with the Duncan children. Let's say the photo at lower left was made in May 1936, the month before Hawk died. He would have been almost 77 years old. Patty would have been eight; Griffin, three; Houston,almost 17; and Conley, 14. Walter Conley Duncan had the first name of his father and his mother's maiden name, just as I do. the family had dropped the "d" from Condley.

Hawk and Duncan Grandkids
Hawk Houston and Patty Grace, Griffin, Houston, and Conley Duncan
J. H. Houston,
Former Atkins Citizen,
Is Dead

J. H. Houston, aged 77, well known Pope and Conway county citizen, died Tuesday afternoon, June 2, 1936, near Lanty, Conway county, at the home of a daughter Mrs. Luther Maxwell.

Mr. Houston was a native of the state and spent his entire life in this and Conway counties and lived in Atkins for a number of years. He was a life long member of the Presbyterian church and was recognized as a trusted leader in his denomination.

Since Mrs. Houston's death 3 years ago, he had made his home with his children. Surviving are one son, J. H. Houston Jr. of Hattieville; three daughters, Mrs. H. M. Cheek, Hector; Mrs. Luther, Maxwell, Lanty; and Mrs. Walter Duncan, Springfield; also 16 grandchildren and two great grand children. Other near relatives include a sister, Mrs. G. J. Massingill of Atkins, a half brother and sister; Bob Houston of Solgohachia and Mrs. Alf Cunningham of Hattieville.

Burial was made at Lanty Wednesday afternoon with Dr. S. J. Patterson of Morrilton conducting funeral services. (6/5/36)

1936 - It's a little odd that both parents died at the home of their youngest daughter. Perhaps they spent more time there. That could have been because my mother was the only child in the house. I think Mrs. Maxwell, Kate, and Marvine had already moved to the little rent place on the other side of the orchard field. That left momma who was 16 and probably a great help to her mother when the grandparents visited.

These are the grandchildren of Hawk and Josie Houston: Alberta (11-5-04), Edna (12-17-05), Mack (1-21-08), Pauline (12-28-11), J.H. (2-26-16), Mary Jo Cheek (5-1-18), Houston Duncan 6-19-19), Louise Maxwell (3-17-20), Conley Duncan (11-26-21), Patty Grace Duncan (10-17-27), Billy Joe (12-31-27), Mary Jo (11-5-30), Griffen Duncan (3-25-33) and Franklin (10-25-33). Hawk lived to see them all.

1845 - 1900 A lonely orphan boy arrives in Arkansas; a family is begun.
1901 - 1920 The John Hawk Houston children come of age.
1921 - 1939 "'Til death do us part."

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