Our 20th Wedding Anniversary Trip



Pike's Peak and the Royal Gorge of the Arkansas River

Barracuda on Pike's Peak
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June 27, 1982 marked our 20th wedding anniversary. We were 41 that year. Ann had often reminisced about the little one-room school house where she had attended first grade in Colorado in 1947 and we had often discussed making a summer visit to Colorado. We decided to make our anniversary trip to find the school and visit some of the sights in Colorado. Her family had only lived in Colorado two years. They lived out in the hills west of Canyon City the first year and then moved into Canyon City. It had been 34 years since they had lived there and we found out that the little one-room school had been closed for 18 years. However, school officials were able to send us to the general location of the school and we located a rancher in the area who still remembered her dad and the location of their old ranch and the school house.

We were able to find the log school house and we also visited the Royal Gorge, and other locations along the Arkansas River; Canyon City; and then Pike's Peak. We drove our '66 Barracuda up Pike's Peak. The Barracuda was 16 years old and had traveled 150,000 miles. It made the trip with no major problems. We had to replace the battery and the starter relay failed to pull-in once. That was when starter relays had exposed terminals, so a screwdriver could be used to short across the terminals and start the car.

These small images link to larger images of the log school house, the Arkansas River west of Canyon City, the Royal Gorge Bridge and other scenes there, and views of the Pike's Peak area and the road near the peak.

8/6/03 - The page is still under construction. It may be complete by the end of August.
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Pike's Peak from road out of town. Low Water Bridge Downstream CR63
Two views of Pike's Peak on the approach to the mountain. Four views of the forest and mountain entering Pike Nation Forest. Three views near the top.
Ann's View Snow along the road. Hairpin Curves.
Views of the mountains from the observation area. Snow scenes along the road near the top. Cars on the 'hairpin' turns in the road and a final look back.

Ann's ViewPIKE'S PEAK Photo Page - Ann and I made a trip to Colorado for our 40th wedding anniversary. This page shows our photos from our drive to the top of Pike's Peak near Colorado Springs. We drove our 1966 Barracuda which was 16 years old at the time and had 150,000 miles on the odometer.
The BridgeROYAL GORGE Photo Page - The other goal of our trip was to find the little one-room log school house where Ann attended first grade. Photos of the log school house are on this page. We also got some beautiful photos of the Arkansas River west of Cañon City and some spectacular views at the Royal Gorge.

GRAND CANYON - Photos of the upper end of the grand canyon taken from the south rim.
Barringer Meteor Crater - Photos taken during a hike around the rim of the crater.
BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK - Photos of the canyons of the Rio Grande River in the Big Bend and of the rugged Chisos Mountain area including a spectacular view of the sunset through the 'window.'
Ouachita River Crossings - A photo essay about this beautiful mountain stream that begins on Arkansas' western border, flows east to Hot Springs, then turns south to Louisiana, and enters the Mississippi in southern Louisiana.

Manitou Springs and Pike's Peak Railway - This is the site for the cog railway. It has a nice brief history and much more of interest about Pike's Peak. Print your own discount tickets for rides on the train!
Mountain Connection - This site provides excellent basic information about the mountain, making the trip, fees, etc. It's a 37-mile round trip to the top and back. Other interesting information.
Pikes's Peak Site - Pike's Peak Cam shows current view of mountain. The site has tourist information about the area and a large selection of viewers photographs of Pike's Peak and the area.
Driving the Pike's Peak Highway - This site by Jan K. France tells in story and photos about their drive up the second-highest highway in the world. She says, "It is a toll road, with a charge of $10 per adult, or $35 per car maximum. Temperatures were in the 90's on the plains, yet the sign at the toll booth said it was only 35 degrees at the summit!" There is a great panoramic view at the top!
Riding the Cog Rail Up Pike's Peak - Also by Jan K. France. "One midsummer day, we decided to head down to the Colorado Springs area. We see Pike's Peak from our house, but it is more impressive as one gets closer to the area. I shot this view of the peak from the car as we traveled down I-25." Photos along the cog railway and a good, but dark, panoramic from the top and a movie pan.
Hiking Pike's Peak - A fellow's personal account of his hike up Pike's Peak. They carried packs of camping gear and camped out at the "A-Frame." His dad brought them back down in a truck.
Julia Archibald Holmes Reaches Pike's Peak - "In 1858, when Julia Archibald Holmes became the first woman on record to reach the summit of Pike's Peak, ..." Click for the REST of the story.
Climbing Pike's Peak 1883 - An account of a trip up Pike's Peak about 100 years before the trip I took. This account is from a mother's letter to her son. They made the trip on horse back of course. They had heard of a proposed railroad. (No cars remember!)
Brad's photos and paragraph comments
Pike's Peak Drive 2002 by Shane Church 20 years after our trip. Includes a full web site of other things.
An 1899 photo of a group of tourists standing by the train at the top of Pike's Peak. There are enlargements of details (of people holding box cameras).
Photo album of trip up the cog railway in June 2003. Many nice photos.
Honeymoon Photos - Honeymoon in Colorado. Some very sharp pictures around Pike's Peak area. Includes other areas. Long loading time.


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Posted: 8/6/03