2013 Grand Canyon Trip

Amtrak's Sunset Limited from El Paso to Los Angeles

Amtrak Engine 132
Train at El Paso Station

We got to El Paso at 2:30 CDT. El Paso was the first stop after Alpine. It was 1:30 MDT about four hours from Alpine. Most passengers got off to look around the station or smoke or just get a little exercise. The El Paso depot is the red brick building with the tower. Amtrak runs charter buses to get passengers to and from some of the stations.

Down the track

This is the view along the track ahead of the engine. The engineer has to climb the ladder up to the cab.


This is the engine's rear 'truck.' Photo Note: Use a more narrow focal length; my camera's wide angle distorts straight lines.

Back Toward Town

A view of town past the end of the train. I think these are regular coach cars.

A view of Juarez, Mexico

We left the station at about 2:55 CDT. This is a view across the Rio Grande to Juarez, Mexico. The track crosses the river into New Mexico and swings around the north of a low rocky hill then back to the border near Puerto de Anapra, Mexico, before heading out into the New Mexico desert toward Lizard.

Plant by track.

A view of an industrial plant near the track. The train is climbing to get around the north end of those hills.

Rio Grande

The tracks cross the Rio Grande into New Mexico.

Rio Grande

A look back at the River.

Border Fence

El Paso is well protected by this border fence and Border Patrol SUVs all over the place.


I can't remember whether we stopped at Lordsburg or just slowed down.

Mountain Face

The profile of a face in the mountain. Imagine a man lying on the ground looking up at the sky.

GPS Display

Moving along near Bowie in Cochise County, Arizona. That mountain profile may have been the profile of Cochise.

Engines viewed from car

It's hard to photograph the engines from the middle of the train, but everyone likes to try. Here the engines are just visible in through the reflection on the window. There are two sets of tracks in many of the areas out west which allow traffic in both directions.

Old Benson Ice Cream Stop

The train stopped at a little town and a conductor got out and tried to flag a local policeman. The train blocked an intersection where a pickup was waiting, and the conductor told the driver to turn and go to the next intersection. Then the train pulled up some and stopped beside the Old Benson Ice Cream Stop "Coffee & Espresso."

Apparently a mother was upset with a man's talking around her children and told the man to stop. He didn't like it and fussed back at her and she complained. I think everyone finally apologized and we went on. The conductor reminded everyone that we were on a family train and to be polite and act accordingly. The conductors also remind passengers that anyone caught smoking would be put off the train at the next stop.

Tucson Station

We got to Tucson around 8:30 CDT. I think they're on Pacific Time, so it would have been 6:30 there. Although the train stops for passengers along the way if passengers are waiting (at 'whistle' stops), no one is allowed to get off for a break except at designated stations. Tucson was one of those stations, and we had several minutes to look around.

Tucson Station

This is a nice train depot.

Waiting Room Door

The door to the waiting room.

Station Console

Becky was interested in this old train yard control console.

4th of July Glow Sticks

After dark, we sat in the observation car booths. Ann and the other Moms and children watched for 4th of July firework displays, and we did see some Then Ann brought out her package of glow sticks for the children to break and wave around. All ages seemed to be fascinated with them, even the teens.

Then we all returned to our coaches and bundled up in our reclining seats for the rest of the night.


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Posted: 7/30/13
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